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Being involved in a crash on California roads can be an overwhelming and confusing experience. One step you can take to limit the stress of the insurance claims process is obtaining a copy of your official California crash report as soon as possible.

Other resources charge a processing fee to recover your crash report, but we believe you should never be forced to pay for legal documents that are rightfully yours. Now, you can get a free copy of your certified crash report without leaving the comfort of your home!

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California law enforcement entities charge unnecessary fees and make you wait in long lines before you can access a copy of your crash report. With us, it’s far more simple. We believe you should have access to your accident information, so we provide you with a copy of your report without ever charging a penny. Because we are committed to serving you, we require no financial or credit card information.

You can request a FREE copy of your official California Traffic Accident Report today from the comfort of your own home! Click HERE to access our online questionnaire.

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Don’t let the unnecessary government fees and long lines keep you from accessing your report today. We’re here to make the process as easy as possible for you as you move forward. The days and weeks after a car accident can be a scary and difficult time, but with us, a FREE copy of your official California accident report is only a few clicks away!

Fill out our easy, 2-minute online questionnaire to get started. We’ll use this information to locate your crash report and get a better understanding of your report’s status so that we can get it to you as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Click HERE to get started today!

We were founded on a mission to assist people who were involved in car wrecks in California by providing giving them access to the resources they need. By providing free crash reports, helpful advice, and connection to legal and medical resources, we hope you can put your accident behind you once and for all.
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